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Congratulations, you are now on the premier website for Men's Eyewear! EyeglassX.com, was built from the ground up with a focus on you, the man. We are men, who know what we want, and how to get it. The shopping experience at eyeglassX.com, is about allowing you, a unique opportunity to not just purchase top-quality eyewear for men online, but to help make a statement with your purchase.

Discount eyeglasses for men online, doesn't have to mean cheap. Let's be real, $39 dollar glasses? Do you really want to go that route? At eyeglassX.com, cheap, is not in our vocabulary. We meticulously select our frames for quality and fit... eXceptional handmade eyewear online, at eXtraordinary prices...that's how we roll!

With every sale at eyeglass X, we donate $5 to help those in the fight against cancer, by supporting the Livestrong Foundation. We believe in the equation, Good Consumer + Good Company = Good Community

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