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Step 2 - Select if Your Lenses Will be Clear, Sunglass (tinted) or Transitions (photochromic - auto darkening):

CLEAR >> Select your recommended option(s) below:

http://www.eyeglassx.com/polycarbonate-lenses-onli... (Premium all purpose lenses)

http://www.eyeglassx.com/trivex-lenses-p/trivex-l.... (Sharper vision lenses)

http://www.eyeglassx.com/hi-index-lenses-online-p/... (Thinner lenses)

SUNGLASS/TINTED >> Select your recommended option(s) below:

http://www.eyeglassx.com/sunglasses-lenses-p/sung-... (Premium all-purpose)

http://www.eyeglassx.com/sunglasses-lenses-p/sung-... (Better Quality)

http://www.eyeglassx.com/polarized-lenses-online-p... (Polarized - premium lenses) - BEST

TRANSITIONS >> Select your recommended option(s) below:

http://www.eyeglassx.com/transitions-lenses-online... (Clear indoors & darken outside)

http://www.eyeglassx.com/transitions-xtractive-len... (Near clear indoors & extra darken outside)

*Note Transitions XTRActive lenses are near clear indoors and get extra dark (like dark-sunglasses) outside & darken in car for driving (~ 50% dark).

**Note, once you have selected your recommended lenses, you may add any of the lens upgrade options that apply or that you would like (e.g. premium anti-glare AR). Once you have completed your order, simply send us your frames and a copy of your prescription...we'll take care of the rest!

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