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You Got Questions? We Got Answers!

Q. What do I need before ordering? A. You need an glasses prescription from your eye doctor. You will also need to provide your pupillary distance measurement-PD. The pupillary distance is the distance between your pupils and should be included on your prescription. Be sure to ask your doctor or optician if you don't already know this measurement.

Q. How will my new eyewear ship? A. All eyewear is shipped via USPS from our office after final verification. Please note, shipments are delivered to the address provide by you (the customer), and delivery is via USPS with tracking & signature confirmation. Please specify an address for secure delivery. If you are concerned about the security of packages delivered to your address. We recommend selecting our USPS Priority shipping w/signature confirmation/insurance option. Loss due to USPS error or theft after delivery, is not the responsibility of eyeglassX.com. Your eyewear will include a premium hard/soft-case or branded case. If you want to add more insurance...Simply call our office before we ship you finished order.

Q. How long will my eyewear take before delivery? A. All orders are processed and sent to our lab once we have received or verified your prescription information. Please allow about 2 weeks for your prescription order to ship (mirrored lenses require additional time). Please keep in mind your eyewear is handmade-to-order and we pride ourselves in providing you with exceptional eyewear. All orders are handled by licensed eye care professionals here in the USA. You will receive an email confirmation once your eyewear passes inspection and ships out. Orders for clearance/frames in The Vault section (frames) are all shipped to you in about 48 hours. Note, special prescription needs (e.g., prism or mirror tints) will need about an extra week or more.

Q. What is the Rx Accuracy Guarantee? A. Our 100% Rx Accuracy Guarantee, gives you the assurance that your prescription will be done accurately (to match your given prescription - within ANSI standards tolerance) or we will redo your lenses at no additional charge (within 60 days of shipped out date). *Doctor's Rx changes excluded (see below). Note, any redo after 60 days, may be done at a 50% off discount to normal pricing.

Q. Is it secure to send my frames to the eyeglassX.com office? A. Absolutely, we our located in a secure and professional office building. Packages delivered, will be placed into our secured lock box or brought right to our office front-desk (receiving). We will also, email/notify you once your frames/package arrives.

Q. What type of lenses are included for free with my order? A. We use polycarbonate lenses with hard-coating to help protect against scratches. Theses lenses typical retail for about $120 at most optical shops.

Q. Is there any warranty on the lenses I purchase for my frames? A. Yes, all of our replacement lenses include free scratch guard which is guaranteed for up to 6 months against scratches that occur from normal wear & use (deep scratches or those determined to have occurred from not normal wear, e.g. poor handling/care will not be covered) . Also, all of our HD progressive lenses include a free redo within 60 days of ship to date (in case there is any issue with adjusting or measurements). So, you can order worry-free! Note, all lenses are custom made and installed...Prescription lenses may not always, exactly match the fit of demos or non-prescription lenses. However, our lab will always work towards the perfect fit and appearance.

Lens errors on our part are covered (see Rx Accuracy Guarantee above).

We recommend TRIVEX lenses as the best option for rimless/drill-mount frames. TRIVEX has a 2 year breakage/cracking guarantee (normal use only). All other lens materials are not guaranteed against breakage/cracking with rimless frames.

Q. What is anti-reflective coating (AR)? A. Anti-reflective coating (aka, anti-glare coating), is a high-end lens treatment which reduces distracting surface reflection. Therefore, your lenses look asthetically more appealing and you see clearer (esp. at night and at the computer). Note, AR coating may tend to show smudges or finger-prints on the lens surface more. So using a tissue or cloth is recommended. Our premium Armour Guard AR treatment includes extra scratch guard-clear coat, and is guaranteed for 6 months against defects (normal wear & use). Harsh or improper use which results in scratches/defect are not covered & no anti-reflection treatment will eliminate all glare.

Q. What are Transitions or photochromic lenses? A. Transitions lenses are lenses that darken and lighten automatically. We provide top-of-the-line Transitions VIII lenses which darken fast when you go outside, and lighten to clear when you are indoors (Transitions 8 don't darken much in the car). Transitions lenses make for a great all-purpose option with UV protection. These lenses typically retail for about $295+. Note, Transitions lenses are also available in XtrActive, Vantage & DriveWear options (these option also darken in car for driving).

Q. What type of lenses do you use for prescription sunglasses? A. We make all our prescription sunglasses in light-weight polycarbonate or CR-39 lenses. These lenses offer 100% UV protection and are tinted to ~80% to provide comfort on bright sunny days. Custom tint coloring is available, just indicate your preference during check-out or by sending us an email. Otherwise, tint color will be that which you select (i.e., grey). For Ray Ban orders, we usually match the original tint or G-15 (dark green). Note, match tinting to your current lenses is available on most lenses. We match as close as possible (some variations may exist due to prescription need and lens material...). Note, if you are upgrading/ordering polarized lenses. They are available in grey, brown or dark green in premium NuPolar lenses.

Q. Do you do custom tint colors/mirror? A. Yes, we can do most tint colors (ie., rose, yellow, blue), and gradient tints (added charge). We also do mirror coating, and can match most mirror colors or you may select from our options. Additional processing time is needed for mirrored lenses (+1week).

Q. Can I do bifocal or progressive no-line lenses? A. Most of our eyewear frames can be done in bifocal or progressive lenses. However, we recommend emailing us prior to placing your order to confirm that your frame selection can be done by us with bifocal or progressive lenses. You may also, email us a close-up "selfie" with your frames/glasses on. You may also, simply buy any of our frames only and have bifocal or progressive lenses done at a local optical.

Q. How do I provide my prescription to eyeglassX.com? A. During check-out you will see the section to provide your prescription verification option. If you choose to have us call your doctor's office. Simply provide the contact information as indicated. We will call and obtain your prescription for you. If you choose to email your prescription. Simply email us here: [email protected], and add a copy of your prescription as an attachment. If you have one of those fancy smartphones or tablets, you can email us a photo of your prescription. Please make sure your name, date and prescription are clearly viewed. Note, if your glasses are for near or reading only please note this on your prescription or in the comment box. You may also include a copy of your prescription with any frames you are sending in to our office for RxMyFrames lens service.

Q. Can I fax my prescription? A. Yes, if you prefer, fax your current prescription to, Attn: eyeglassX.com, (508) 742-4146. Please include your order number, phone number and email.

Q. What number do I call if I have more questions? A. Phone: (508) 202-7105, but you can email or use chat. Email: [email protected]

Q. What is the pupillary distance (PD) and is it necessary? A. The pupillary distance (PD), is the distance measurement between each pupil. The PD is measured at the eye doctors office or by the optician before making glasses. You can simply ask your doctor or optician for this number. PD is measured in millimeters and is used to set the optical centers of your lenses with your pupils. It is possible to measure your PD with a millimeter ruler and a mirror. While looking into a mirror, you will measure across from the center of one pupil to the center of the other. You can also email us a close-up "selfie" photo (straight-on view), and we'll determine your PD for you. The average male PD is 64mm. Most PD values range between 57mm to 70mm. Note, if your PD value is given as two numbers, simply add them together to get the total. For example, Rt = 32, Lt = 32, Total PD = 64. Also indicate if your glasses prescription will be for distance (full-time use), or near (reading only). So, yes PD is necessary. See here for more help: Shopper's Guide.

Q. What size frame is best for me? A. Choosing a frame size is fairly basic. If you currently have glasses, look for the frame size number on your frame. Hint, it is either on the inside of the temple or side-arm, or inside of the nose bridge. It will be the first number, and will typically range from 48 to 58. You may see a set of three number (ie., 55 - 16 - 140). 55 will be the frame size. It is best to choose a new frame that is within 2mm of your current frame ( unless your head has shunken or grown). So, if your current frame is 55, then a new frame between 53 to 57 should be fine. Also, you can use the eyeglassX.com TRY-ON feature to see our new frames on your face by uploading your photo.

Q. Can I try on the frames? A. Our Undergram eyewear & Vault clearance frames are available to try-on at home (see those pages for details).

Q. Is it safe to shop online for glasses at eyeglassX.com? A. Absolutely, the eyeglassX.com website is fortified with state-of-the-art data encription security. Check our verification seals, as we utilize the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS1.1 or higher) site. In short, this means your information is guarded and protected. Secondly, all orders are finalized by American certified opticians and cross checked at our office for accuracy.

Q. How will my eyewear be shipped? A. All completed eyewear is shipped via USPS with delivery tracking and signature confirmation. You will receive an email with details once your eyewear ships from our office. Please be sure you provide a reliable, safe address as delivery is confirmed via tracking. All packages are delivered to the address provided by the customer. We can not take responsibility, in the event that the package is lost or stolen once it reaches the customer's address (as confirmed by USPS/tracking). Note, international shipping to 150 countries is availablejust select International Checkout.

Q. What forms of payment does eyeglassX.com accept? A. Major credit cards or debit cards ( Visa, AMEX, MC & Discover) & Paypal. Credit card charges are typically applied once your order/frames go to our lab for processing or once your frames ship.

Q. What is the return policy? A. You may return any frame within 14 days (from date shipped from us to you) for a full credit/refund/exchange. Eyewear (with prescription lenses) may be return within 21 days from original shipping date. Full credit or exchange value will be given within 21 days on eyewear with prescription lenses (less 20% processing fee). Shipping charges are not refunded. Simply email us: info@eyeglassX.com, for a Return Authorization (RA) before returning any eyewear. All eyewear must be in new, undamaged condition and with receipt & original packaging. We do not accept any exchanges or returns for refund after 30 days (of ship to date). All Vault or clearance frames have a 14 day return option. Note, because all of our Rx eyewear is custom made, returns for refund will be accepted. However, there is a 20% return and processing fee or cancellation fee for prescription eyewear that has already been made or is in the process of being made with lenses by our lab. Your credit card/payment method will be refunded the purchase amount less 20 percent. All prescription lenses are verified to match the prescription details (lens power, PD, etc...) provided by the customer and their valid prescription. Refunds are not provided for lenses verified as accurate to the customers prescription. We recommend having prescription issues checked by your eye doctor. In the case of your doctor's error & redo request. We will offer a redo at no charge within 30 days of shipping date post completion (some exclusions apply - contact us first). Lens errors made by us, are covered under our Rx Accuracy Guarantee (60 days - see above). Shipping costs are not refunded. Returns for lenses made into your frames (Rx-My-Frames service), are excepted within 30 days of ship to customer date. A 20% return and processing fee will apply if the lenses were made correctly as ordered to your prescription. We offer a redo due to your doctor's error/change at no charge for most lens purchases (within 30 days of ship to date). Contact us first before sending any order back.

Q. What is your order cancellation policy? A.
Please note, because prescription eyewear or lenses are all custom made. There may be a 20% order cancellation charge for orders already in process at our lab (where the lenses are already being made or edged).

Q. Is there a warranty on frames? A. Yes, most frames purchased come with a 6 month manufacture's warranty against defects (excluding clearance/Vault purchases). Undergram frames include a 1 year manufactures warranty. Ray Ban frames come with a 6 month manufacture's warranty. Daily Deals / Clearance frames are in new condition and include a 14 day warranty. Defects or breakage related to frame defect will be repaired/replaced at no cost to you. Simply email us: info@eyeglassX.com, to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA) before returning any eyewear during the warranty period. Note, clearance/Vault frames come with a 14 day warranty, and there are no returns after 14 days.

Q. Can I order frames only without prescription lenses? A. Yes, you may order any of our frames without prescription lenses. All frames only orders come with a 14 day return option or 14 day easy return policy (clearance/Vault frames & Aspire frames).

Q. What if my frames needs adjusting? A. We properly align all new completed eyewear before shipping. If your eyewear needs further adjusting, you can easliy hand adjust the temples or side-arms yourself. If need be, run the temple ends under very warm water to allow for easier adjusting. To tighten the fit, bend the temple end inward so they fit around your ears better. To loosen the fit, bend the temple end outward. Also, most local optical shops will agree to adjust glasses for free.

Q. For Rx-My-Frames service, what happens if my frames break/crack during service? A. We handle every frame & prescription job with extreme care. However, we can not be responsible for old frames or frames purchased elsewhere in the event of a breakage. If your frames are old or in poor/fragile condition... We recommend getting new or other frames for your new prescription lenses. Frames need to be handled with special tools or heating for the removal/insertion of lenses. Therefore, the possibility of cracking, splitting or breakage (etc.) exists. If a repair is possible, we will inform you (added charge my apply). All frames purchased elsewhere are processed at owner's risk. Refunds for any lens cost will be given for voided orders.

Q. What is EGX-Vault (Clearance)? A. EGX-Vault, contains an exclusive collection of branded, and designer frames/eyewear at up to 70+% off retail cost. These frames are hand picked deals and are in very limited supply. Check the EGX-Vault frequently to stay up to date on new deals...you won't want to miss out on! All frames have a 14 day return option.

Q. What if there is a doctor's change and I need to have my prescription lenses redone? A. We allow for a lens redo, if your doctor has changed your prescription within 30 days of our ship to customer date. There is a 20% of original cost fee (within 60 days of shipped date to customer). All lens jobs are handled by our USA certified lab and double checked by eye care professionals for prescription match verification before shipping. Note, our progressive lenses are guaranteed for adaption ease. Therefore, if you can not adapt to your new lenses, simply return them for a free redo. Any refunds will be at amount paid (less 20% process & handling fee). Shipping costs are not refunded.

Q. What if my prescription indicates prism or very high cylinder? A. Not a problem. We can take care of your new lenses with the prescribed prism as well. There is a small $9/lens charge (in most cases) or for high cylinder greater than 2.00. For cylinder greater than 2.00 additional charges may apply. Simply place your order and we will contact you once your frames arrive to process the add on charge by phone.

Q. What is the address for eyeglassX.com? A. We are located west of Boston, in the Crown Office Bldg., 463 Worcester Road, Suite 300, Framingham, MA 01701.

*EyeglassX, reserves the right to void any order which is determined to note be appropriate for our service.

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